In Opposition to Modern Christian Dualism.

In truth, we are not simply a spirit inhabiting a body. We cannot keep the spirit righteous and let the body stumble, for we are both our spirit and our body, and our spirit and our body will be united with each other in eternity, for we are not two separate entities, but one united being formed in the image of the holy God.


Cleanse Out the Old Leaven: or, Why Christians Should Celebrate Passover.

This Jewish holiday should be looked at as the basis for the entire Christian religion. In its simplicity, we can come to understand the entire history of Judaism, Christianity, and our own spiritual lives. Now I realize that that is a pretty hot take but please hold off on stoning me until the end.

The Dark Days of the Nephilem

Fleeing across the desert, three former slaves seek desperately for salvation, leaving behind the ashes of their failed rebellion. Unable to free their people on their own might, the trio must now cast themselves upon fate in a headlong rush to build alliances and raise a new army. Although, returning to their homeland seems merely a distant dream every twist of the journey brings them one step closer.